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Important Dates in Finance Season

| Financial Planning

RRSP 2021 Deadline – March 1, 2022 RRSPs are one option to save for your future. You can determine with your tax or financial advisor whether RRSP contributions make sense for you. You can also check out some of your options through this online calculator. Your RRSP contribution limit for 2021 can be found on ...

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Market Update: Climbing off the Wall of Worry

| Market Insights

Have you ever wished for the ability to see into the future? Does it seem like our world is becoming more complicated every day? Understanding the financial markets and the global economy can seem daunting but in our November presentation of Wise Money Talks, we had the great fortune of being joined by Nadeem Kassam, ...

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The Avocado Toast Currency Crisis

| Personal Financial Stories

In exploring the financial future of my Millennial Generation (1981-1996), a few headlines come pre-seasoned like “Millennials could afford a home if they did not spend ‘lavishly’ on avocado toast!” “Millennials are the poorest generation in generations!” “Millennials are screwed!”  They say the western dream of financial stability and home ownership, for us, lay smashed, ...

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