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Not all Goals are Created Equally

| Tools, Talks & Resources

According to Irene Nizzero, not all goals are created equally. In fact, Irene, who is a certified coach, teacher and presenter on themes related to human resilience and flourishing, very rarely uses the word “goal”. “I prefer just about anything else,” she says. “I would like people to eliminate the word from their vocabulary because ...

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Leading from the Heart

| Financial Expertise

Tracy is excited to be back teaching, especially as she knows that it is now more important than ever, to lead from the heart. This is her “ikigai“. Being able to teach and connect with people, while helping them to increase their flow of energy and money, is her strongest passion. She knows all too ...

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Speaker Spotlight – Bettina Rothe

| Speaker Spotlight

Bettina Rothe, who was born and raised in West Berlin, completed her degree in psychology at the Technical University in Berlin. However, soon after graduating she realized that psychology alone was not enough to create lasting change in people. “It was a very scientific program,” says Bettina, “but my heart has always beaten for trans-personal ...

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