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Cash Flow Connections

Cash Flow Connections At Sophia, we don’t like the “budget” word. Many people have a negative, knee-jerk reaction to budgeting. It’s like a diet; a short-term fix to shed those five extra pounds, or a belt-tightening exercise to pay off that credit card debt. Budgeting feels restrictive, time-consuming, even punitive. A budget is something we ...

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Financial Planning – Start Where You Are

Financial Planning – Start Where You Are Wealth exists on a continuum. Once we see ourselves on that continuum, we’re tempted to compare ourselves to others. Some of us started further along by virtue of birth and circumstances. It’s valuable to remember that we each started somewhere different, and we’re all going to get somewhere ...

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The Power of “Enoughness”

Enough is a powerful concept. Acknowledging that we have enough can keep us whole. By contrast, constantly striving for more can make us feel less than complete.   Tracy Theemes explains her journey discovering the power of enough:   A few years back when we were working to open this business in the midst of a financial crisis, and I was struggling with ...

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