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Overcoming Obstacles In the Pursuit of Wisdom

Where do We Turn for Sound Financial Advice? We live in a world where self-proclaimed experts dole out investment advice along with manifestation plans. People who don’t know the first thing about the financial world are writing DIY books about abundance and wealth. What’s the alternative? Many of us imagine professional financial planners as men

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Tracy’s Bathroom Theory

If the service centre was 30 miles away the kids would go into crisis mode and they could “hold it” sometimes for heroic lengths of time. But as soon as they saw our car edging its way into the off ramp towards the “promised land” they would repeatedly have their “accidents”. I came to see this phenomenon in many other situations. Most of us can get ourselves through a crisis or situation that requires valiant effort with some grace. We dig deep into our internal reservoir, put our heads down and do what has to be done. The trick is when the crisis eases or when impending relief appears close at hand, we lose our hold on things.

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The Story Behind this Photo…

The journey to the TEDx stage was not an easy one. Two years ago, I tried out and was turned down. This was a devastating failure for me and brutal on my self-esteem. It left me questioning my purpose and led me into a spiral of self-questioning and doubt. It was a major turning point

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