For over ten years, Tracy Theemes and Kamal Basra of Sophia Financial Group have hosted the popular Vancouver-based  event, Sophia Wealth Academy: Everything a woman wants to know about her finances in one day. Top experts in fields ranging from finance and psychology to health and leadership came together to educate, inform and inspire us.

Now we have brought our knowledge community online! We are expanding our reach to anyone, both near and far, who wants access to trustworthy, empowering and useful information about their money –  and everything that goes with having a peaceful, satisfying financial life.

We are glad you are here.

Kamal Basra, BSc, CFP

Co-Founder, Sophia Financial, Financial Advisor

Data-driven, fact-checking, translator of complex economic info into understandable plans, champion for diversity and fairness …

“Numbers matter. People matter.”

Tracy Theemes, MA, CFP

Co- Founder, Sophia Financial, Financial Advisor

Motivator, truth seeker, wisdom sharer, protector of those who are vulnerable and champion for those who try…

“It’s not about the numbers but the stories we tell ourselves about those numbers.”

"We are so much stronger and wiser together than apart."

Tracy Theemes

From our first day in business at Sophia Financial Group, we made two promises: to deliver honest, effective financial advice with portfolio management services; and to be a source of financial education and empowerment for women.

We give one day a week of pro bono financial advice to anyone, regardless of their economic circumstances and we host free financial workshops in our offices and in the community.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service as professionals as well as having a positive social and economic impact in our community and with the people we serve.

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