Clean, Crap Free Information

“We live in a world where it’s the journalists and media people who are writing books about abundance and finance.” ~Kamal Basra, Wise Money Moves Podcast ep.1

We see it all the time. Walk into any major retail bookstore at any given time and there in the center, right in your line of sightstands a table stacked with books on finances, wealth and how to get rich quick. Not to mention countless articles on the Internet and even more books available for purchase online. Some, undoubtedly, are legitimate, but is the advice in the book giving sound advice from a knowledgeable professional who has the reader’s best interest at heart?  

“People who’ve never even bought a mutual fund are giving investment advice” ~Tracy Theemes Wise Money Moves Podcast ep.1. 

It’s this bombardment of often inaccurate information on finance from unaccredited sources that created the need for the ‘Wise Money Moves’ podcast…to provide quality information to those seeking insightful discussions on finance and topics that surround and inform money decisions. Or as I phrased it in episode one of the podcast, “Clean, crap free information is what is needed, and that’s what we’re going to do here.”  

Kamal and I have been partners at Sophia Financial Group, and more recently the Sophia Wealth Academy for over a decade – giving what we know is professional, knowledgeable advice that has been tested, tried and proven over our years of working in the finance industry.  

We are quite different and I must say, we each bring unique and compelling backstories, which in essence formed our view of money, wealth and financial inequality, which we approach with seriousness and wit on the Wise Money Moves podcast. (We like to think we’re witty but you can be the judge of that!)  

In episode one, Kamal shared how she witnessed her mother muster up incredible strength after immigrating to Canada and getting divorced soon after; Raising children and finding work without a great handle on the English language or having schooling that could help in her job search. Nonetheless, Kamal says, she focused her children on getting an education, hoping that it would  be the ‘equalizer’ for their future.  

My own story which I share included a mind shifting moment from my childhood when I knew how screwed up the world was when I saw my mother forging my father’s signature so she could get a credit card. 

It’s truly astounding how the reasoning behind our financial decisions in adulthood can be traced back to memories and experiences that have long been stored away in the recesses of our minds. Kamal and I had different upbringings, and yet we are now partners with the same passion for breaking barriers, being trail blazers in a male dominated industry and helping as many women as is humanly possible to do the same in their own lives. Money doesn’t solve all problems, but it helps provide agency and opportunity…and that is what we want for the women we work with, no matter what their history or situation may be.