Energy, Flow and Your Finances: A Two-Part Workshop

Sony Baron asks, “What is your grief around the flow of money and success“?

Stuck energy can occur at many levels. This can make addressing impediments to our well-being challenging. In this powerful, experiential workshop, each participant will be supported and heard as we share stories and engage in reflection and personal exploration.

Sony will create a safe, sacred, heart held community. You can expect meditation, drumming, and journeying into your own deeper levels of consciousness to clear the obstacles to success in the areas of your life you feel blocked.

Personal Message from Sony: “Prerequisite for attendance is a strong intention to be fully present and a willingness to hear yourself and others. When you show up this way, you may experience a shift in your life, finances, work, health, relationships, and self-expression. If this appeals to you, then this circle of learning is for you”.