Health, Hormones, and Happiness

Managing stress is fundamental to leading a joyful, prosperous life, yet it can seem as if each passing year brings more anxiety. During this past globally unsettling year many have reached record levels of fear and worry. How do we cope? We all want to enjoy our lives. We all want to feel relaxed, secure, and to sleep well at night — even when we cannot control what is happening in our external environment.

Using current research, common sense, and drawing upon years of medical experience, Dr. Anita Tannis will teach us:

  • What happens to our bodies and minds when we are stressed and anxious
  • How to overcome and disrupt negative stress patterns
  • Nutrition and its role in balancing mood and increasing resilience
  • Hormonal regulation and its impact on health
  • New ideas for developing mental stability and physical vitality

Watch the webinar recording here.