Irene Nizzero


When Irene is coaching, she feels like she is living her true calling. There is something quite remarkable about supporting individuals who are whole, resourceful and creative, albeit temporarily stuck on a challenge arrive at that awareness of the next right thing to do. She has worked with highly placed executives in multinational corporations honing their efforts to provide model leadership and high school students working to improve their GPA. The range of client experiences and the aspirations they bring to coaching has been rich and rewarding. Each client is her most important one, in the moment.

Her coach training is distinct from many programs, in that it is rooted in the tenets of positive psychology, evidence-based theories that describe conditions for optimum human flourishing and resilience. As a result, her approach with all clients is strengths-based, proactive and empowering.

Along with her training and experience in working with executives, Irene has a particular interest in supporting clients who are affected by ADHD. Her coach training has included specialized courses on these topics, among others.

She also delivers a variety of in-person and virtual workshops on the theme of human resilience and flourishing that have been widely well received. Drawing from years of teaching Positive Psychology at the post-secondary level, she uses this science to craft engaging presentations to enhance participants’ level of well-being.