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Transitioning Through Divorce

| Speaker Spotlight, Tools, Talks & Resources

“For people going through a separation or divorce, it can feel like being lost in the solar system with all of these meteors flying by.” In the collaborative divorce process, several professionals work together as a team to support the needs of a family transitioning through divorce with the goal of avoiding litigation. Sandy Hawkins, ...

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Market Update: Climbing off the Wall of Worry

| Market Insights

Have you ever wished for the ability to see into the future? Does it seem like our world is becoming more complicated every day? Understanding the financial markets and the global economy can seem daunting but in our November presentation of Wise Money Talks, we had the great fortune of being joined by Nadeem Kassam, ...

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Increasing Financial Literacy by Understanding Market Trends

| Financial Planning

Having attended several workshops and webinars through Sophia Wealth Academy and Sophia Financial Group, and after reading through Tracy Theemes’ book The Financially Empowered Woman, I am now at the point where I truly understand and appreciate the impact that increasing my own financial literacy has on the types of decisions I make regarding my ...

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