Tracy’s Bathroom Theory

For ten years I lived in Olympia, Washington. At least once a month we would gather up the kids and aim our Chevy Station wagon up the I-5 to see my mom. I learned a few things on those road trips with my young children. One is that they always have to go to the washroom. No matter how little they drink or how many times you have them go before getting into the car, they still need a washroom break somewhere along the highway, usually when traffic is at its worst and off ramps are few and far between.

The second thing I learned was what I came to label as “bathroom theory”…

If the service centre was 30 miles away the kids would go into crisis mode and they could “hold it” sometimes for heroic lengths of time. But as soon as they saw our car edging its way into the off ramp towards the “promised land” they would repeatedly have their “accidents”. I came to see this phenomenon in many other situations. Most of us can get ourselves through a crisis or situation that requires valiant effort with some grace. We dig deep into our internal reservoir, put our heads down and do what has to be done. The trick is when the crisis eases or when impending relief appears close at hand, we lose our hold on things.

Most of us can get ourselves through a crisis or situation that requires valiant effort with some grace.

Few of you has cashed everything in or run naked into the hills screaming (that we know of). You have employed your core emotional self regulation skills, your life experience and personal maturity in dealing sensibly with a changing landscape. Some of you told me have even invested in the down market! Brava! But now it gets even trickier. It’s a long way from the highway to the parking space at the rest stop. And you will have had your legs crossed for a long time. Breathe deeply.

One of the best ways to avoid “accidents” is to distract yourself. What in your life needs tending to? Where can you act in service to help someone else?

Generosity produces a calming, healing energy that is an under-utilized antidote to stress.

Another useful strategy is to distract yourself. What financial tasks can you tend to in the next few weeks that will create space and peace of mind for when your life starts to include travel and socializing?

Here are some ideas:

  • Organizing and filing your financial documents. CRA only requires 6 years of records. Do you need to do some shredding? Filing? Simplifying?
  • Do an audit of your home, car and medical insurances. Are they still appropriate to your needs? How is the pricing?
  • Do you have your life insurance needs looked after? Remember, Sophia Financial Group can help you assess this as we are fully licensed life insurance brokers.
  • Are there changes in your life you are contemplating now that you have had time to ponder? Do you need help to run numbers? Do any of your current life plans require projections or data? Let us know what the question is and we can connect you with the appropriate advice. (Beneath my blotter are the business cards of some of the best therapists and complementary health practitioners in town).
  • Are you considering changing a relationship commitment? Need to know the lay of the land for living together, marriage, separation, going into business with someone? Let us know and we can connect you with an appropriate professional advisor.
  • Have you completed your Will and Power of Attorney documents? If not, now is the time; most law firms are successfully using video conferencing. If you are not sure who to pick and need an ear to throw out ideas and concerns, feel free to ask us and we can send you some wonderful resources or referrals.

See how easy it is to make use of uncomfortable waits? If you take care of all of these things you may find that you don’t even need a rest stop!

Money is linked to almost all important life decisions and plans. You are never alone. These are the times we pull together and use the strengths of each other to create an even better life moving forward.

Let us know how we can help!