What’s Next

so what's next 2022

What’s next? On one hand I want to say, “who the heck knows!?”. But on the other hand, I do know some things. Beginning in February, Kamal and I are going to deliver a six-part lunch hour workshop series called Cash Flow Connections, focusing on the connections that need to be made between knowledge, behaviour and emotions to achieve a successful financial life. These inter-dependent facets need to be operating in alignment to be a fully empowered investor.

We have learned that without basic knowledge you are always vulnerable — to changing markets, family pressures and media. Without self awareness of our feelings, like fear and greed, we are susceptible to contracted decision making and reactivity. We might believe we are following our intuition when really we are being hijacked by emotion.

And even the most knowledgeable, emotionally resilient person can choose to ignore what they know and either do nothing or do the wrong things for their situation. In February and March we are going to delve into the dynamic relationship between these three facets of our financial lives.

We are stronger together than apart. [Tracy Theemes]

We are looking at 2022 as the year of making deeper connections. We want to balance and align the various parts of ourselves for a more harmonious life. And we want  to connect more with you — our community— and with each other. Remember, we are stronger together than apart.

Drop us a line and let us know how you are progressing on your journey. We care about you and are passionate about creating the most empowered community of financially successful investors ever!

Learn more about our upcoming FREE Cash Flow Connections workshop series. Grab your lunch and join us online for what will be an exciting and empowering series. Registration is now open! 

You’ll also be hearing (and hopefully seeing) more of Kamal and I in 2022! Tune in to Move 103.5 between 4-6pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for their new Money Minute on Move segment. Kamal and I will be discussing the steps to becoming an empowered investor and answering your burning financial questions!