Who Can Help Me?

Reaching Out for Assistance

Help! “One of the most difficult choices I face in my life is knowing when to make a decision by myself and when to get help.”

On one hand, we are taught to be independent, go inside ourselves, and use our intuition. And on the other hand, we are also told, or sense strongly, that we do not have the education or experience to move forward on our own. Discerning when to reach out for help and when to be reflective and autonomous is very tricky.

As many of you know, I recently did a TEDx talk. This represented a two-year journey that was fraught with difficult decisions and strong emotion. I knew early on that I was simply not capable of wading my way through the myriad of demands and challenges on my own. I got a TEDx coach who stood by me all the way. She knew the process, anticipated the landmines, and helped me up my game with new skills and insights.

“I simply would not have been able to navigate the process as successfully as I did without her guidance.”

Narrowing Down Your Search

When it comes to money, the choices are even more complicated. There are so many different professions, and each has its own particular expertise, client focus, regulations, and fee structures. It may feel like trying to organize a trip to Mars! Sometimes it is so overwhelming that we stop before we even get started.

I’m here to tell you that the process is simple, but not easy. First, know that it is impossible to grow beyond where you are now financially without some external assistance. This can come in the form of education, advice, or services. The challenge here is to narrow down your questions. At different stages of the wealth continuum, our concerns change. If making ends meet and balancing cash flow are issues, you will require one set of experts. If you inherited $5Million from your Great Aunt Betsy, you have a different set of problems (and opportunities).

Our perspective? Get as clear as you can about your actual concerns and questions. What information would help you move forward? What decision are you completely overwhelmed with tackling on your own? If you knew… it would help you sleep better at night. When you get those two or three key questions identified, it is a matter of doing some research.

Additional Resources

Canada has some great resources at https://www.canada.ca/en/financial-consumer-agency/programs/financial-literacy.html. You can find a number of tools to assist you in getting clearer about what kind of help you need and who can provide it. Go into your local financial institution armed with your questions and ask them who you should speak to about your questions. And don’t be afraid when you do speak to a professional to ask them three things:

1) What are their qualifications?

2) What is their area of expertise and who regulates them?

3) How are they paid?

These simple questions, although difficult to ask, will help you determine if you are on the right track. And if you are not, have them make a referral to someone whose expertise better matches your needs. In this process, you will gain valuable insight into your situation, the resources available, and how to access them. And, if you met a Martian or two along the way, just keep going!

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