Leading from the Heart

Leading From the Heart

Tracy is excited to be back teaching, especially as she knows that it is now more important than ever, to lead from the heart. This is her “ikigai“. Being able to teach and connect with people, while helping them to increase their flow of energy and money, is her strongest passion.

She knows all too well, how difficult this past year and a half has been. Like everyone else, she has learned some hard truths—about herself and the world around her. And from this, she has had some epiphanies that she plans to share, while collectively co-creating a bigger shared wisdom.

Tracy, who has been looking forward to connecting with everyone this season, shared some of these insights as part of her Wise Money Talks webinar on September 25—Women, Wealth, Wisdom: Wild Ideas and New Paradigms.

Through disruption, we are able to look at some of those prevailing truths, and to question them.

According to Tracy, there are two kinds of disruption. One is disruption that comes in from the outside, which we often think of it as bad. “But it can get us going,” says Tracy, “positively and negatively.” Then there are the internal disruptions. Tracy suggests that, “Because we have been experiencing disruption at many different levels, we need to work with those disruptions in the most positive way.”

Through disruption, Tracy believes that we are able to look at some prevailing truths that no longer work for us, and to question them. She sees this as a very positive outcome and a very positive process.

“The trick,” Tracy says, “is learning how to hold on to our own core values while allowing new information in.” It is through the act of discernment, and any set of circumstances that hones that sense, that will help us to manage our economic lives and all of the balances we have to achieve to be both happy and prosperous.”

The trick is learning how to hold on to our own core values while allowing new information in.

Through this process, Tracy cautions that we also need to be gentle with ourselves, and others. By understanding the relationship between generosity of time, resources and compassion, we are able to open up our flow. “Because money is an energy,” says Tracy, “When we close down in any way, we constrict that flow.” One of the greatest antidotes to this, according to Tracy, is learning to be gentle and generous with ourselves. “When we do,” Tracy says, “We open ourselves up to the world around us in a healthy and balanced way. We improve our ability to make good decisions for ourselves which then trickles into our financial lives.”


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