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Another new year. Another opportunity to expand into the best life you can create for yourself. And, of course, money is a foundational part of a well lived and secure existence. Four years ago, we piloted Cash Flow Connections to a small group. During the course, participants saw measurable growth in their financial literacy and confidence as well as notable progress towards their financial goals. We believe the time has come to offer this in-depth series to our community at large. We know you are ready to dig deep, conquer your fears and learn the lessons you need to find the path to the goals you are yearning to achieve.

2022 is YOUR year!

Join Tracy and Kamal for their exciting six-part noon hour live webinar series — Cash Flow Connections

All you need is your lunch, a wifi connection, and an open mind!


Tracy Theemes & Kamal Basra

NEW – Cash Flow Connections Series

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 – 12pm – 1pm

Join Tracy and Kamal as they launch their exciting six-part lunch hour webinar series, Cash Flow Connections. By understanding the practical mechanics of cash flow and investing, combined with self-knowledge, we are better able to create the financial life we have always wanted. Grab your lunch and join us for informative, engaging, and empowering sessions on reconnecting with your finances!

This is a free webinar series that runs from February 9 through March 16, every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm. Your registration link will grant you access to all sessions.

Learn more about the topics covered on our Cash Flow Connections page.

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As trusted financial advisors for over 20 years, Tracy Theemes and Kamal Basra are long-time champions of financial literacy and equality in Canada. Co-founders of Sophia Financial Group, Raymond James Ltd, they provide investment advisory services to high net worth clients, devote a day each week to pro bono clients, and are the founders of the Sophia Wealth Academy financial education platform.

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