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Navigating a Post-Pandemic World

| Personal Financial Stories

As we navigate toward a post-pandemic world, it’s important to reflect on what has helped us get through the challenges of the past two years, and how we can use those skills to support us for future challenges. Having the right tools and supports in place can help us not only get through the challenges ...

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What’s Next

| Financial Planning, Tools, Talks & Resources

What’s next? On one hand I want to say, “who the heck knows!?”. But on the other hand, I do know some things. Beginning in February, Kamal and I are going to deliver a six-part lunch hour workshop series called Cash Flow Connections, focusing on the connections that need to be made between knowledge, behaviour ...

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The Power of Letting Go

| Speaker Spotlight, Tools, Talks & Resources

Jennifer England believes in the power of letting go because too many of us are living in what she calls a “culture of urgency” – one where we are feeling overwhelmed, under-supported and perpetually fatigued. As the founder of Spark Coaching and Consulting, and a senior executive and non-profit leader for over two decades, Jennifer ...

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