Personal Blueprint for Success

personal blueprint for success

In her book, The Financially Empowered Woman, Tracy talks about how “scaffolding” a developmental psychology term, helps to create an effective personal blueprint for finding solutions. This theory, which emerged in the 1930s, suggests that once a person has learned a set of steps on how to solve one difficult problem, they can transfer those skills to solving other challenges. It also talks about how we seem to learn best in a social environment, where we create meaning through interaction with others.

“You have an internal blueprint just waiting to be called upon.”

Through this process, Tracy believes that “You have developed an innate architecture for solving those issues, learning those skills or mastering a competency.” Essentially those skills are now transferrable. Because you have succeeded before, you can succeed again. According to Tracy, “You have an internal blueprint just waiting to be called upon.”

Our goal this season with our Wise Money Talks and Cash Flow Connections series is to help you to continue to add to that personal blueprint with workshops that allow you to build the “structures” you need to plan for your own future and where you can be among others embarking on a similar journey of learning and growth.

Our first session, Goal Setting: Fact and Fiction, is with Irene Nizzero, who as a coach and psychologist is quite passionate about helping people learn how to adopt habits that are more effective by setting clear intentions and prioritizing. She will discuss short-term goals, which focus on productivity and the blocks that get in our way, and explore the more value-driven decisions which are our longer-term goals. According to Irene, “It is about putting all of the elements in place that will make those new habits work and stick.”

Irene’s session will help to set the stage for the rest of the workshops and webinars, which will continue to support you in building your personal blueprint towards financial and personal success.

Know that you are not alone and that we are always stronger together.