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From Modern Portfolio Strategies to The Psychology of Money, Empowered Investing to Transitioning through Divorce, we offer a wide array of classes to address the diversity of stage, age, and experience of our community. Money may be simple once you understand it, but it is certainly not easy!

We believe that a pillar of anyone’s power is knowledge about their money. It cannot be avoided and is a source of frustration and concern for so many. We also appreciate that money is contextual. We can’t separate it from our emotions or values or life circumstances. If you are not able to ask for a raise, your income will be limited. If you cannot discuss finances with a spouse, you will be locked in conflict or ignorance.

It is essential to understand not just your investments and financial plans but all of the life skills and strategies that surround it. And we are here to help!

Grow your money. Increase your confidence. Use your power.

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Wise Money Talks

Our commitment to education that encompasses the whole person, and the context and environment in which financial decisions are made, is evident by the variety of classes and topics offered in our Wise Money Talks Series.

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Past Events

Browse our range of successful past educational events

Our past events were highly successful in providing women with education in a broad range of topics ranging from modern investment strategies, legal, psychological and financial relationship responsibilities, retirement paradigms, the psychology of money, behavioural finance, salary negotiation and many more.

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