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Empowering and Useful Information About Finances, Health, Spirituality, and Life in General

From Goal Setting to Principles of Sound Investing, Women, Wealth, and Wisdom to Transitioning through Divorce, we offer a wide array of virtual classes that address the diversity of stage, age, and experience of our community.

Regardless of what is going on around us, no one can take away our ability to manage our thoughts more productively, develop sound plans and take progressive action towards our financial goals. This season is all about Finance Forward – as we continue to traverse through the ever-changing world around us, we are ready to get our financial lives in shape. We are moving from reflection to practical action and harmony.

It is essential to understand not just your investments and financial plans but all of the life skills and strategies that surround it. Regardless of where you are on the financial continuum, we are certain there is something here for you. And we are here to help!

Grow your money. Increase your confidence. Use your power.

Upcoming Events

New Paradigms of Retirement

Join Financial Advisors and Co-Founders of Sophia Financial Group and Sophia Wealth Academy, Tracy Theemes and Kamal Basra, for their 2-part new noon hour retirement workshop series. Tracy and Kamal will address the modern paradigms around retirement as well as practical strategies to plan for and manage this important stage of our financial life.

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Past Events

Browse our range of successful past educational events

Our past events were highly successful in providing women with education in a broad range of topics ranging from modern investment strategies, legal, psychological and financial relationship responsibilities, retirement paradigms, the psychology of money, behavioural finance, salary negotiation and many more.

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