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Financial Empowerment Foundations eCourse

Based on Tracy Theemes’ popular book “The Financially Empowered Woman,” this interactive and informative course teaches the basics of personal financial planning through the lens of your own values, economic needs, and priorities. It will support you through the journey of getting a firm handle on your own financial life so that you will have the tools and resources you need to achieve the goals that are most important to you. Often humorous and immensely practical, this course will guide you through each step.

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TEDx Talk Fuels Global Debate for Economic Equality

Watch Tracy’s TEDx Talk and join the #firstdatebilldebate!

Wise Money Moves Podcast

Wise Money Moves is steeped in engaging content and tools for managing money, relationships, and power.

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Talking About Money

It is time to make the shift and have some open conversations about money. Talking about our finances does not have to be this guilt ridden, taboo subject that fills our heart with dread and our stomachs with nausea. In this week’s podcast, we explore how social rules and gender language connotations affect our ability to ask for what we want and need. Kamal and Tracy will give practical tips and useful strategies to help you take those first steps into a difficult conversation. If it can be talked about, it can be fixed.
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Financial Management Tools

Download spreadsheets and explore our recommended reading to help you to gain confidence with your finances.

The Financially Empowered Woman

In clear and relevant language, Tracy’s popular book is a practical guide to making money work for you.

Tracy Theemes knows money, and she knows women. As a certified Investment Advisor, Theemes is an expert in wealth management. As a former therapist and counselor, Theemes has deep insight into how thoughts, feelings and beliefs shape her clients’ money-related behaviour. In her book The Financially Empowered Woman, Theemes brings these two areas of expertise together in a unique and compelling resource for women who want to gain mastery over their financial lives but need advice and encouragement to do so. Women today feel heavily burdened in their lives. Career pressures, family responsibilities, rising divorce rates, the impossible ideal of the superwoman, and a culture that still assumes that men are better equipped than women to deal with financial matters all contribute to the powerlessness many women feel when it comes to money.

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