Goal Setting: Fact and Fiction

The world is intent on telling us that success hinges on our ability to set goals and achieve them. Annual employee reviews revolve around them, we raise our kids to strive for them, and our fitness programs are built on them. However, research and life experience paint a different picture. What is the role of goal setting versus “taking life as it comes” or setting intentions? In this dynamic workshop the pros and cons of being goal-driven will be discussed as well as different kinds of goals and their outcomes. Because when all is said and done, not all goals are created equally.

During this presentation, these are some questions we’ll explore:

  • What makes a solid goal?
  • How can goals help…and hurt you?
  • Does motivation solve everything?
  • What is a powerful alternative to setting a goal?

Where: Zoom


Listen to Irene’s Wise Money Talks Goal Setting: Fact and Fiction workshop on our YouTube channel