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Tracy Theemes — Canada’s Popular Motivational Speaker

Known as one of Canada’s most popular motivational keynote speakers, Tracy Theemes is the leading authority in educating and empowering people in their relationship to money. With her extensive knowledge, humour and grace, Tracy has enthusiastically delivered hundreds of educational talks to audiences of all sizes.

As a financial advisor for over 20 years, with an educational background in psychology, Tracy is a long-time champion of financial literacy and economic empowerment. Co-founder of Sophia Financial Group, Raymond James Ltd, she provides investment advisory services to high net worth clients, devotes a day each week to pro bono clients, and is the co-founder of Sophia Wealth Academy financial education platform.

“Tracy is a dynamo; a powerful speaker who will not rest until women have the tools and awareness for financial empowerment regardless of where they are on the learning continuum…”

Marlene D, Career Solutions

Tracy Theemes’ TEDx Talk — The Truth About Money, Power and a First Date

Tracy’s most recent TEDx Talk, The Truth about Money, Power and a First Date produced over 50,000 views upon public release and continues to fuel the global #firstdatebilldebate! Who should pay on a first date? Whether posing this question to seasoned seniors or fresh-eyed millennials, Financial Advisor, Tracy Theemes realized she wasn’t the only one coping with outdated expectations in the realm of money and dating. There is a world of contradiction between what we think we believe about economic equality and what we actually do in a romantic situation. Listen to Tracy’s humorous and illuminating talk to learn how to successfully navigate love and first date finance. Tracy Theemes challenges the status quo and fights for what is fair in managing money, relationships and power!

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“Wow you knocked it out of the ballpark today. You had everyone on the edge of their seat for the whole session. I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have you share your formidable intellect, humour and ideas with us on a regular basis. How lucky are we!”


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